Snuggle Hunny Kids – Wrap

As you may have seen in the last few weeks on Stylish Finds we welcomed the newest member to our crew – Angus! As a second child he has a lot of hand me downs, he has moved into his brother’s nursery without any changes or new things. So it seemed right to atleast get him a gorgeous wrap just for him to come home in and to have some great photos taken. The wraps and swaddles with matching bows and beanies from Snuggle Hunny Kids perfectly fit the bill.

Snuggle Hunny Kids have a gorgeous range of products both wraps and swaddle bags in a range of designs. We opted for the Dreamweaver pattern as I liked it’s unisex design, however they have a full range from masculine to feminine designs. It is made from 100% cotton knit jersey which means it has some stretch making it easier to wrap up your little bundle, but gives them the ability to move and wriggle. Also being cotton it is nice and breathable. My only concern with the wrap is it would benefit from being a bit bigger, however they have just launched a new range and they are larger at 100 x 100 which would be the perfect size and would last longer as a swaddle wrap. The current size is ideal as a swaddle for a newborn and will transition to being used as a summer blanket and to go in the pram.

With all the wraps and swaddles you can get the matching topknot headband or a beanie. As we knew we were having a boy we went with the beanie. It is the same cotton knit material, so has some stretch meaning it will fit a wide range of little heads and will keep them the perfect temperature. The Snuggle Hunny kids range would make a fabulous present for new babies.



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