Mini Hippo – Yumbox Original

As my husband will inform you, I am a bit of an addict when it comes to food containers – and when we were in Japan on our honeymoon I came back with all sorts of gadgets to make our lunchboxes more fun. So once Reuben got to an age where he needed a full lunchbox packed for a day out, I spent quite a few hours doing research about which lunchbox would suit him best. The hands down winner for me was the Yumbox Original. I love the idea of a bento box, so that there is a little bit of everything in the box. Reuben (as with most toddlers) goes through phases with what he will and won’t eat, so this way I have to always pack small amounts of many things, so he gets to choose what he will eat that day.

The Yumbox Original is a sturdy lunchbox. The six compartments while small are quite deep and each individually seal thanks to the lid, making them leakproof – so watermelon, dips and yoghurt won’t leak into other compartments. Foods can be packed the night before and stay fresh due to the great seals on each compartment as well. It is easy to open, meaning once Reuben worked it out he can now open and close the lunchbox. The tray in the bottom has suggestions of what should go in each compartment for a balanced meal – such as grains, protein, fruit etc. I find this handy if I am stuck with what to put in a compartment, it is a nice reminder. I handwash mine, but it is top shelf dishwasher safe.

The Yumbox comes in a range of fun, bright colours, and also a range of configurations. There is the Original as pictured here, the Panino which can hold a whole sandwich, the new Tapas which is a larger version of the box and has interchangeable trays for snack size compartments, or to fit a sandwich, and the Yumbox snack – great for crunch and sip breaks, or just a trip to the park. If you are looking for a great lunchbox, i wouldn’t hesitate to buy one. I think we will upgrade to the tapas for once he starts school but for 1-5 year olds this is a great size box.

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