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Zip-down Swaddle – Sleepy Bub

Both Angus and Reuben were extremely bothered by their hands as small babies when they slept. If their hands weren’t swaddled down either to their chests, or down by their sides then they would wake up instantly. Both from startle reflex, and later by shoving a fist in their mouth (though they wouldn’t take a dummy, go figure!). The problem would be when they randomly fell asleep and were not in a swaddle, by the time I put them in the swaddle or attempted to wrap them to put in the cot they inevitably would have woken up. Thankfully another mother must have had the same issue, and created Sleepy Bub Zip-down swaddles and rompers with their patented zip-down arms! This means Angus can be awake and playing in his romper or swaddle, and when he drifts off I just need to do up the zips, and voila- swaddled with arms safe.

There are two styles in the swaddle – with baby’s arms down towards their body bending at the elbow, and the new arms down swaddle. The romper currently is available in the bent elbow style. Angus likes to hold his hands together so the bent elbow style suits him well. Reuben preferred being arms down completely so the new swaddle style would have suited him. I think the romper will be great for our plane trip as he can be awake and playing in it while staying warm, and then zip those arms and ready for bed. Two way zip on the swaddle ensures easy nappy changes. It is best to size up, as the arms themselves are quite narrow due to the zip taking up some of the arm space. New products including organic sleeping bags are being added to the range shortly so keep an eye out.

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